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Celebrating 50 Weddings with Chuppah Glass Art

June 20, 2016


Mazal tov to Dani Colletts and Akiva Athersycht who are getting married on Sunday 26th June. This event has personal significance as it marks the 50th Jewish wedding for which I will create a unique piece of art with the glass smashed under the Chuppah. These shards can be incorporated into very special creations that commemorate a precious moment and provide an everlasting memory.


The breaking of the glass under the Chuppah during the joyful celebration of a Jewish wedding reminds us of the sadness of the destruction of the  Temple in Jerusalem.  Just before the groom breaks the glass he states "If I forget Thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand fail...at the height of my joy." 


A piece of art with the shards from the Chuppah Glass is chosen by the new couple or by a friend or family member as a special present. Most weddings I deal with are currently taking place in the UK, so I have the opportunity to meet the new couple and discuss the myriad of options with them; each piece is customised and thus becomes unique. The most popular pieces tend to be either Judaica or Wall Art. Judaica include mezuzot, challah platter, Ketubah frame, Shabbat candles tray, seder or matzah plate. For the glass wall art, the ‘Tree of Life’ or the ‘Heart Beat’ Collections seem to be the favourite. All are customised in terms of colours and sizes. Click here to view pieces of art created with Chuppah Glass.


I have also catered for weddings that take place outside the UK from Canada to South America, Europe, Israel and Australia. In general, new couples choose their pieces through images of previous work or through a skype call. I also provide recommendations about the most suitable glass to use for the chuppah.


Couples that got married over a decade ago have kept their wedding shards and come to see me. They discover my art through personal recommendations, social media and the internet. These broken shards range from bulbs to wine glasses or more elaborate glass. I will adapt my fusing methods to the broken glass that is provided although my preference is for the wine glass. All pieces can then be mixed with pigmented glass to achieve the chosen colours.


Pieces of art with chuppah glass start at £65 (includes the wedding glass). If you wish to discuss a piece of glass art created with Chuppah Glass, please contact Eva Edery at eva@crescendo-art.co.uk or call on (00) 44 773 3321094






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