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Edgware, UK

Eva Edery creates unique pieces of glass art offering an innovative portfolio. Her handmade creations combine artistic beauty with the interplay of light.


We create Wall Art and Judaica pieces with the shards of the Chuppah Glass. We can provide the chuppah glass or work with your own broken shards.

Art created with broken Chuppah Glass is a celebration of a memorable event during the wedding ceremony. Eva works with the shards and fuses them into customised pieces. Each piece is created with your chosen colours, sizes and frames. Pieces can be personalised with the wedding date on the glass or on a plaque.


Bespoke or ready made art for Challah Boards, Seder & Matzah Platters, Shabbat candles plate, Mezuzot, Chuppah glass, Gift Lists & Judaica Wall Art. Customised presents for weddings, engagements, anniversaries & bar/bat mitzvah


Wall art pieces are commissioned for both private and corporate environments providing a contemporary touch.  We also have ready made art in our studio.

Eva draws her inspiration from the beauty of life and nature that surrounds us. The 'Tree of Life' collection inspires growth for individuals, families and communities. 'Finding the Balance' conveys the challenges one encounters in balancing different aspects of life. 'Connections' reflects human relations and interactions with our environment. 'The Journey' reflects the trials and opportunities we encounter during our lifetime. 'Flowers' is a celebration of colourful nature which infuses optimism. 'Heart Beat' was inspired by exhibitions at the Royal Brompton & Harefield hospitals which specialise in heart transplant. Working with broken pieces of glass, the 'hearts' emit love and life.​ Life Circles symbolise the constant turns, swirls and changes in our lifetime. Meditation invites you to relax, focus your energy and let your mind wander.


Eva exhibits at various venues during the year. For her exhibition schedule, click hereTo view her Wall Art collections, visit www.evaedery.com.


Thank you for visiting the gallery and I look forward to creating unique pieces for you​​​

White mezuzah with wedding shards and date

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